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İnsan Vakfı, victim

Victims of charitable organizations with victims held each year by cutting needed in the country and abroad, especially in Turkey are delivered to those in need.

The meat of the victims, slaughtered under the supervision of the Human Foundation officials and volunteers, is delivered to the poor, the needy and to the students of the Human Foundation dormitories. …

Slaughter Information:

İnsan Vakfı, reports that their victims have been cut off by sending SMS to the cell phone of the charitable donors.

After the Eid al-Adha, the victim's cut image is delivered to the donor.

Insan Vakfı, has so far; school, mosque, masjid, water well and education in the field of permanent work and aims to do in Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Mozambique, Uganda, Afghanistan, Moro, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Niger, Somalia, Uganda, Afghanistan, Syria and Chad become cutting and distribute.

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Account number for your donations via wire transfer / EFT:

İnsan Eğitimi Kültür ve Yardımlaşma Vakfı 

Kuveyt Türk            TR36 0020 5000 0936 4683 9000 04


Your name and surname with your donation. phone, e-mail and shareholder names and call 0539 828 14 71.

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