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İnsan Vakfi Tent City

In the tent city of İnsan Vakfi in Armuta, Azez where 110 families live, there are 1000 women and children currently staying. The food, clothing, heating, and educational needs of these families are met by İnsan Vakfi. Also, in the tent city, there is a school, masjid, prefabricated and newly-built toilets and showers.

One letter One toy

IMH Daylight Association has brought toys and money-boxes of hundreds of primary school students to the children staying in Azez tent city to share with their friends. The letters that were attached to the toys were delivered to Syrian children by İnsan Vakfi.


3400 school were destroyed completely and 2400 schools were damaged beyond use in Syria. The rest of the education buildings are used for refugees.

In Syria approximately 3.5 million students are devoid of education. İnsan Vakfi has repaired 6 schools in the region of Operation Euphrates Shield and opened them for education. 3000 children are attending these schools.


The repaired schools:

  • Talha Bin Zübeyr Primary
    • Rıfiyye Primary – Rai
    • Vakıf Primary
    • Toybuk Primary
    • Biza’a Primary
    • Ömer Halis Demir İmam Hatip High School
    • Çobanbey (Al-Rai) National Education Center


Vocational and Language Training

İnsan Vakfi provides education for Syrian refugee children with the project taking place with the cooperation of Sakarya University and Turk Telekom. In the project, trainings for Turkish language, cameraman skills, presenter skills and journalism as well as coding are provided. In 2018 and 2019 educational year, 400 students will have received their tranings in Eyupsultan HeadQuarter and Başakşehir branch.