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Ramadan Charity

A special period for people.
the month that Qur’an, the source of the truth for humanity, was revealed…
The month that is the framework of the time for people to train their nafs.
the month in which families, friends come together in iftaar meals…
The month that is the symbol of charity and helping one another
İnsan Vakfi takes your charities to those in need.

In 2018 İnsan Vakfı:

in Syria, Al-Quds, Gaza Strip, Yemen, Uganda, Mozambic, and Turkey

  • delivers food packages
  • organizes iftaar meals
  • distributes new clothes for orphans for Eid
  • gives charities to those in need
  • delivers sacrifices of aqiqah and sukr to those in need

İnsan Vakfı is waiting for your charities for Ramadan this year, too.