One Masjid A Thousand Prayers

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Continuing its activities that prioritises human being and education since 1992, İnsan Vakfı, which believes that “praying is essential for human soul no matter what the religion is” and “age or gender does not matter in praying”, has started a project called “One Masjid A Thousand Prayer” that aims to build masjid for schools that do not have one.

 The Project is currently taking place at schools under the Ministry of Education.

İnsan Vakfı transforms a designated area into a masjid after careful discussion with school managements. All kinds of decoration, repair, labour, and material are provided by İnsan Vakfı. Masjids are delivered with minbar, mihrab, lectern, book shelves, hanger, shoe rack, a clock, a map of Islamic Civilization, curtain…etc.

If no suitable space is available at school, a prefabricated area is built in the school garden. If needed, a wudu fountain is built separately for girls and boys. 

The schools that have received their Masjids so far through the project:

- Asımın Nesli İmam Hatip Ortaokulu
- Kağıthane Dr. Sadık Ahmet Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
- Kağıthane Anadolu Lisesi
- Etiler Anadolu Lisesi
- 29 Ekim İlköğretim Okulu
- İnönü Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
- Mehmet Sevim Ulusal İmam Hatip Ortaokulu
- Seyrantepe Atatürk İlköğretim Okulu
- Şişli Yunus Emre Anadolu İmam Hatip Ortaokulu
- Beykoz Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
- Beyoğlu Muallim Cevdet İlkokulu
- Melahat Öztoprak İmam Hatip Ortaokulu