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Every year tens of thousands of young people go to a different city for university education.

From the moment they are born, the children embrace the father's house, where they are affectionately wrapped, all their needs are met within their means, the to city and live.

Those who share their share in the dormitory. For those who do not have a share, a couple of friends are gathering together and holding a house. Even though everything seems to be beautiful, many difficulties await these children in this city they never know, especially if their families have financial resources.

Before you say home, say rent and bill. Then I mean sofa bed, bed, duvet, carpet, rug, desk, fridge, washing machine, pots, pans, stove .vs. Pasta, bulgur, fruit, vegetables, bread, food means cleaning material.

All of this already means tuition, books, books and supplies, road money, and more than a lot of financial burden for the family.

Let's welcome these mother lambs to your city with the best hospitality. Let's act like we treat our own children, as we want them to be treated. Let's give them a sofa bed, bed, duvet, fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, oven, bookcase and wardrobe.

The Human Foundation procures all these items from our valuable donors and gives them to our students.