Donation in Kind

İnsan Vakfı, Turkey, which was opened to students from abroad who came to Istanbul for education in different provinces sheltering opportunities while also supporting our young people in an environment mütedeyyin the material and spiritual development. It mobilizes all kinds of opportunities for young people to live in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Our Youth is Our Future.

Based on the principle of “Our youth is our future İnsan, the Human Foundation aims to transform each student house into a civilization house in order to dominate our civilization values ​​in the future


Contact information for your donations in kind:

Adress : Merkez Mahallesi Silahtarağa Caddesi No:12 Bahariye Mevlevihanesi (Eyüp Devlet Hastanesi Karşısı) Eyüp / İSTANBUL
Telephone : (0212) 534 41 61 (pbx)
Fax : (0212) 631 76 31
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